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Learn the high-paying skill that's taking over the beauty industry. This course is designed for new artists with no prior experience looking to launch their career. This course prioritizes an understanding of the microblading technique itself, as well as the business fundamentals necessary to be your own boss.

Dive into the history and evolution of microblading, understand its roots and how it has evolved into the popular technique it is today.

Learn the essential health and safety protocols required to conduct your microblading business safely and legally. Students will take their Blood-borne Pathogens Certification Online.

Discover the intricacies of the microblading procedure itself. You will gain hands-on experience and guidance on mastering this technique, ensuring precision and optimal results for your clients.

As part of my commitment to your success, I'll provide you with customizable templates for the essential documents needed to operate your microblading business smoothly.

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